The Data Enablement Group

At DEG, our mission is to enable our customers to unlock the value of their most valuable asset – data.

Our vision is to build a world class data enablement consultancy dedicated to delivering business value through effective data management.

Above all, we value integrity, excellence, and results.

Bridging the gap between theory and execution

Service Offerings

Data Enablement Starts Here

Data spans organizational boundaries, our services offerings do too

Privacy, Risk, and Compliance

Risk & Control Assessments

Lower data related insurance costs, clarify accountabilities, and identify gaps through a data risk & control assessment

Discovery & Classification

Avoid fines and regulatory audits by demonstrating a thorough understanding of where sensitive data resides

Regulatory Compliance

Gain confidence in how your data is captured, stored, transferred, accessed, used, and retained per regulatory requirements

Data Products & Monetization

Product Management

Identify & ideate high value data products through business strategy reviews, data value mapping, and product management processes

Integration & Interoperability

Manage data storage costs and enable new use cases by prioritizing data ingestions and standardizing data sharing

Data Quality

Increase trust and minimize risk through collaborative data quality definition, measurement, and remediation

Enterprise Enablement

Policies & Standards

Build your enterprise data program foundations using governance policies & standards to generate alignment and clarify expectations

Data Literacy & Stewardship

Finely-crafted typography that makes your content shine and automatically scales down to the perfect size on every device.

Master Data Management

Ollie launches with built-in pattern designs, page templates, style variations and more so you can get your site launched quickly.


Enabling Clients, Enabling Data

Our clients are leaders, visionaries who understand the importance of treating data as a strategic asset

can’t believe how powerful the WordPress Site Editor is combined with Ollie. I don’t even need my page builder plugin anymore! Everything I need is built right in and ready for me at the beginning of every project.

Reference 1

Chief Information Security Officer

I love using WordPress but traditionally it has been hard to design in. Not any more! I can quickly build out page sections or full page designs with Ollie patterns. Saves me so much time!

Reference 2

Chief Data Officer

I create a lot of landing pages, and the Site Editor and Ollie have been huge for this. I can choose from a pre-designed landing page, customize my brand colors, and I’m ready to launch.

Reference 3

President & Chief Executive Officer

I was skeptical about all the changes going on in WordPress, but now that I’ve seen how powerful it can be, I’m convinced. Ollie made it super easy to get started with the “new” WordPress.

Reference 4

Sr. Program Manager

Technology Partners

Implementation Partners

Meet Our Leadership Team

These people make it happen

We cover people, process, and technology

Tracy Capitan

Product Designer

Michael Glacier

Product Designer

Maryann Alpine

Product Designer


Backed by the best and brightest

Advisory team made up for business, industry, and data experts

Tracy Capitan

Product Designer

Michael Glacier

Product Designer

Maryann Alpine

Product Designer